Directly imported from the very best factories and workshops in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and Europe. Once in our California workshop, each instrument is play-tested and adjusted as needed.

Although we do offer student-priced (beginner’s) instruments, our primary focus is in the intermediate and professional range, such as the new Bay ‘Cognito’ wood clarinet; it is as good or better than any clarinet available in the marketplace. Concentration is on high quality clarinet-family instruments (including bass clarinets, with a low-C model being offered); these instruments are usually made from hard rubber because of its durability and acoustical advantages. Included, too, is a wide representation of fine flutes and piccolos. We are particulary proud of our saxophone line which, as with our clarinet line, we have assisted in developing.

Importantly, all clarinet and saxophone models are equipped with the best available cases, many with back-pack and shoulder strap features. All of our clarinet and saxophone models include prestigious Charles Bay mouthpieces (matched for optimal results), Bay ligatures, clarinet barrels, cleaning swab and Bay reeds encased in one of our elegant and efficient reed cases. Two saxophone necks will be standard inclusions with many of our saxophone models.

Our company owner, Charles Bay, and his staff of professional players often travel to Asia and Europe to collaborate with our overseas venture partners. These important trips allow us to inspect every instrument that our company brings to the U.S.A. for distribution to discerning dealers and players. These critical trips also allow us the opportunity to interact with our partners and factory/workshop workers to influence and control instrument design and production. With these instruments made to our specifications, unparalled quality is assured at affordable prices. These superb instruments are available only from our factory, and will out-play, tune better, and possess superior details when compared with other brands in our industry.

Please consult with us for details regarding our special-pricing sampling program, because when these instruments are introduced in your store for testing, you and your customers will love them. High -quality brasswind instruments will also be part of this evolving program.